Jeep wrangler oil type & capacity [Details Explained]

Jeep wrangler oil type & capacity [Details Explained]

The Jeep Wrangler engine stays protected with the right type of engine oil. It minimizes friction and wears inside the engine. Do you know which one is the best  Jeep wrangler oil type? 

Generally, synthetic oil works better on Jeep Wrangler. It keeps the engine lubricated and provides a smooth driving experience for 5 to 7 thousand miles.  However, some also prefer conventional motor oil for their jeep wrangler. It seems to give around a 3 to 5 thousand miles ride.

Owning a jeep can give you the biggest thrill on road. However, if you don’t manage it well, this can be a headache as well. Let’s go through the article and know a bit more about the Jeep wrangler and its engine oil.

What type of oil does a Jeep Wrangler take?

Which type of oil you should use will depend on the engine type, climate, and driving condition. You can use regular oil, synthetic oil, and even fully synthetic oil. In normal driving conditions, regular oil works really fine. But, when it is sub-zero temperature, synthetic oil gives better protection. 

No matter which oil you’re using, make sure it’s clean. The best oil for jeep Wrangler is the cleanest oil. And synthetic oil is comparatively cleaner.

There are different generations of Jeep wranglers that require specific types of oils for better capacity. Currently, Synthetic 5W-20 engine oil has a huge hype for Jeep Wrangler. It is recommended for 2018  versions.  However, you must know the jeep wrangler oil type for different generations.

Jeep Wrangler GenerationOil TypeCapacity ( With Filters)
2018–23 Wrangler5W-205.9 quarts. 
2007–17 Wrangler5W-206 quarts.
1992–2006 Wrangler10W-30 (Above -18)5W-30 (Below 16)6 quarts,

However, this can also vary depending on the engine type, Each generation of jeep wrangler java different versions of engines. And each engine requires a different type of oil with a certain capacity. 

For 2018 to present versions of Jeep wrangler: there have five different types of engines available:

Engine TypeCapacity
3.6L V60W-20
2.0L Turbo I45W-30
3.0L EcoDiesel5W-40
2.0L Turbo Hybrid 4xe5W-30 
5.7L Hemi0W-40 

For 2006 to 2018 versions of Jeep wrangler: there have two different types of engines available:

Engine TypeCapacity
3.6L V6m 5W-20
3.8L V65W-20

For 1986 to 2006 versions of Jeep wrangler: there have three different types of engines available:

Engine TypeCapacity
4.0L I610W-30 or 5W-30
4.2L I610W-30 or 5W-30
2.5L I410W-30 or 5W-30 

For 1986 to 1995 versions of Jeep wrangler: there have three different types of engines available:

Engine TypeCapacity
4.0L I6:10W-30 
4.2L I610W-30
2.5L I410W-30

To take really good care of your jeep wrangler, it’s necessary that you use the right type of oil. It will determine your vehicle’s capacity in the long run.  Also, the right oil protects the engine from sludge.  

You should consider another thing while choosing the best oil for a jeep Wrangler. 

The performance will depend on the climate that you’re driving on. For cold temperatures, you should use 5W-30. And for a hot climate, you should pick 10W-30.

NOTE: If you’re searching for some specific brand of oil, then it might be a waste of time. No one can prove the fact that one oil brand is better than another. It’s only about the opinion of a driver.

How Much Oil Does a Jeep Wrangler Take?

Basically, the capacity of oil again depends on your jeep wrangler generation. It is defined with quarts ( a unit of liquid substance capacity that is defined with a quarter of a gallon). Each type of engine oil has a different capacity:

For 2018 to present versions of Jeep wrangler: 

Engine TypeCapacity
3.6L V65 quarts
2.0L Turbo I45 quarts
3.0L EcoDiesel7 quarts
2.0L Turbo Hybrid 4xe5 quarts
5.7L Hemi7nquarts

For 2006 to 2018 versions of Jeep wrangler: 

3.6L V6m 6 quarts
3.8L V66 quarts

For 1996 to 2006 versions of Jeep wrangler:

Engine TypeCapacity
4.0L I66 quarts
4.2L I64 quarts
2.5L I44 quarts

For 1986 to versions 1995 of Jeep wrangler:

Engine TypeCapacity
4.0L I66 quarts
4.2L I66 quarts
2.5L I46 quarts

Should I Use Synthetic Oil In My Jeep Wrangler?

Yes, synthetic oil lasts longer and gives a smooth performance during rush and cold driving of the jeep wrangler. However, there is no rule like this; you can’t use conventional oil for the jeep wrangler. 

Conventional/ regular oil works just fine. But synthetic oil seems to give a smoother driving experience and protection from rust/ sludge/ long tasting.

Another reason behind choosing synthetic oil is, it gives better lubricating power to the engine parts. You can expect around 5 to 7 thousand mileage with this oil. It seems to be longer than regular oil.

Also, it can keep your engine cleaner. Synthetic oil consists of minimum impurities. It is made of natural elements processed with chemicals. It can keep the engine lubricated for longer without making this messy. 

Another important thing about synthetic oil is, it stays more stable during extremely low temperatures. Also, they are less volatile. So, you will have less oil wastage during changing engine oil. 

However, the biggest downside of jeep wrangler oil is its cost. It is four times more than conventional oil. That is why, some prefer using a mixture of synthetic oil and conventional oil. It brings both affordability and benefits together. 

Note: if you want to use a mixture of synthetic oil and regular oil, consider a professional blending process.

There is another debate about synthetic oil creating leakages. But this condition mostly occurs when you switch from regular oil to synthetic oil after a long time. However, it varies user to user. So, it is not any valid disadvantage.

What Will Happen If Wrong Type Of Oil Is Used In Jeep Wrangler?

If you don’t follow the instructions and use the wrong type of oil for the wrong engine type, It can cause massive trouble. Some common issues that are the result of wrong fluid in the wrong engine of your Jeep Wrangler:

1. Oil leaks

Different oils have different flowing features. Suppose you’re perfectly using regular oil on your jeep wrangler and suddenly, switch to synthetic oil, it can create leakages. Using the wrong type of oil in the wrong way can create a mess with your jeep. 

2. Overheating of the engine and Poor lubrication

Engine overheating is a common problem. Using the wrong oil in your jeep wrangler, will not provide enough lubrication. The wrong type of oil will fail to absorb engine oil. This will ultimately hamper the engine’s life.

3. Brake failure

If you use the wrong type of oil, the engine will not be lubricated properly, And this will ultimately cause metal-to-metal contact. And such types of friction can damage your engine, cylinder surface, and bearings in the long run. This leads to brake failure. 

4. Create Bacteria

Using wrong oil creates a space in the engine for bacteria. This not only makes a mess but also affects engine performance. If you want to avoid a noxious environment, consider choosing the right type of engine oil.

Frequently Asked questions:

Well, till this point of the article, you must have decided which type of oil to use. Still, you can have some related questions left. No worries, go through these quick frequently asked questions: 

  • Can you use 5W-30 instead of 5W-20 in a Jeep Wrangler?

No, you better follow the jeep wrangler engine manual. It is recommended that you can use an alternative option. If you use  5W-30 instead of  5W-20, this might damage engine life and performance in the long run. 

  • Is SAE 5w 30 the same as Synthetic 5w30?

No, SAE 5w 30 and Synthetic 5w30 are not the same. The first one is a single-grade oil and is recommended for small engines. Whereas, the other one is multi-grade oil for bigger engines. However, they have similar velocity ratings during hot temperatures.

  • What happens if you mix 5w20 with 5w30?

Some prefer a blended oil for their jeep wrangler. If you mix 5w20 with 5w30, they won’t be combined properly. However, the viscosity level of these two types of oil is similar. This might save you some bucks. Yet, it’s not the best idea of mixing oil. 


In order to take really good care of your jeep wrangler, it’s essential that you use the right oil. Now the term right oil varies in different ways. 

You’ve already read the basic things one should consider while choosing the best oil for the best engine performance. If you’re owning a jeep wrangler, consider knowing the it’s generation and engine type first. 

Then, you can easily pick the right oil with the right capacity for your engine. Oil your engine right and it can give you nicest rides with every drive.

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