Jeep Wrangler Seat Won’t Recline! [How to fix]

Jeep Wrangler Seat Won't Recline! [How to fix]

Jeep Wrangler is a compact mid-sized off-road vehicle. It is very durable and sturdy. One of the best features of the jeep wrangler is the seats. They are comfortable and reasonably spacious.  So, it will be a disadvantage to have a seat that won’t recline. 

Ah, yes, the seat reclining problem. It is quite frustrating, isn’t it? You want to have a comfortable angle on your seat, but that reclining is not working. 

But don’t worry. We are here to help. In this article, we will discuss the problem at length and try to solve it. If you have any queries, we have an FAQ section down below. 

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get moving!

Jeep Wrangler Seat Reclining: Learn the Problem!

A Jeep Wrangler is known for its off-road skills and durability. But it would be wrong to say the seat isn’t comfortable. So, anything hampering the comfort of your experience is unacceptable. One of the major issues here is Seat Reclining Problem. 

A problem noted by a few users was the reclining problem of their jeep. The handle which controls the reclining freezes up. Which doesn’t allow further movement of the seat. The seat won’t recline front or back. 

Sometimes the hinges don’t function properly. This might be due to rust. But sometimes, there might be a mechanical error. Thus creating the reclining problem. It is hard to fix mechanical errors, and only your dealer, manufacturer, or mechanic should fix this.  

But don’t worry, we got the solutions for every problem. We broke down the number of problems you might have to fix and provided separate solutions for your convenience. 

Read below. 

How to Fix the Jeep Wrangler Seat Recline? Problem-by-Problem Solution 2022! 

There is a way you can fix your Jeep Wrangler seat reclining issue. But for that, you must first understand what is causing the fault. 

We will discuss a few reasons why your seat won’t recline and solve each and every single arising problem. Let’s not wait any longer. 

Problem 1: Rusted Mechanism 

If your jeep wrangler seat doesn’t recline, there is a chance that the hinge is rusted. This rusted hinge will disable your seat’s reclining function. If the mechanism is rusted inside, then there is no point trying to force it to recline. 

Solution of Rusted Mechanism 

You can try using rust-dissolving liquid on the rusted hinge. This will help your hinge to move freely like before. Take the seat out to protect it from chemical damage. 

Problem 2: Seat Jamming

With this problem, you will feel the seat slightly moving a bit but not reclining properly. This might be caused due to jamming of the hinge or something preventing the recline. This problem needs a thorough inspection, but there is a solution. 

Solution of Seat Jamming

Try pushing and pulling the seat back forward towards the steering wheel. Lift the hand all the way while pushing. If the seat is stuck, doing this will allow it to move. Do not forget to check underneath the seat. You might find objects preventing the reclining. 

Problem 3: Seat Jammed On Opposite Sides Of The Handle

If you see your jeep wrangler seats jammed on opposite sides of the handle, it is due to the plastic bushing wearing out. This is a crucial reason your reclining is malfunctioning. Follow this step-by-step solution that will help you fix this problem. 

Solution of Seat Jams on Opposite Sides of the Handle: Step-by-Step Guide!

This problem occurs when the bushing relocates. It goes between the square-ended rod and the square-ended hole in the mechanism. And when the plastic bushing wears out, it disables the reclining ability of your seat. 

The step-by-step guide will help you fix this problem. But before that, you should have a few tools ready before you start. 

Tools Necessary: 

  • A Cut-off Tool
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Allen Wrench 
  • Welding Machine

Step 1: Detach the seat. Separate the top half from the bottom.

Step 2: Expose the rod running across from the handle to the opposite side hinge by separating the clip holding the seat material. 

Step 3: Cut the rod about 2 or 3 inches from the jammed hinge with a cut-off tool. 

Step 4: Pull out the piece of rod, exposing the plastic bushing. 

Step 5: Pull out the bushing with a needle nose plier and a screwdriver.

Don’t throw this part out. You might need it later. 

Step 6: Find an Allen wrench that fits the cross-shaped hole.

Step 7: Keep tapping the Allen wrench in the hole until it meets the rod you cut off.

Step 8: Weld the Allen wrench to the rod while keeping slight pressure on the Allen wrench (counterclockwise).

Step 9: Make sure the fix works by working the lever. It might take a few tries to get this right. 

Step 10: Cut off the Allen wrench from the outer side of the hinge.

Step 11: Reassemble the seat. Check everything before reattaching the seat on the vehicle. 

Your seat should recline as it should, and your problem should be fixed. 

That’s All! Congratulations. If you face any type of problem with your jeep wrangler seat reclining, you can use the above-mentioned techniques to fix your problem. 

Cost of Fixing the Seat Reclining

It can get expensive depending on the problem that you have. If you were to change the whole seat, it would cost you around 250 dollars to 320 dollars. 

But if you take your car to the manufacturer and they find a defect in the hinge system. You might get that fixed for free. 

If you take the car to a mechanic for inspection, they will charge you for the necessary aid that they offer. This will depend on the problem type and where you get this done. 

Overall, if the problem can be fixed at home, why spend money? Just use the solutions accordingly to fix your seat reclining problems. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Will my dealer replace faulty seat reclining handles free of cost?

Answer: If there is a mechanical error in the seat reclining handles, the dealers might fix this free of cost. But if you develop the problem over time, they won’t be accountable for the fault anymore.  

  1. How to remove the seats of a jeep wrangler? 

Answer: A jeep wrangler’s seats are joined with four bolts along with the wiring harnesses. Undoing them will allow you to remove the seat. The four bolts primarily attach the seat to the floor. 

To get a clear idea, click on this youtube video. You will see how they remove the seat of their jeep. 

TeraFlex Install: JK ARB Compressor Under Seat Mounting Kit

Final Thoughts

Seat Reclining is a must-have feature for all cars, not just jeep wranglers. Everyone has a desired angle to sit in a vehicle comfortably, so if the handle malfunctions or if the seat does not recline, it is a problem. 

In this article, we discussed the problem that some people have with their reclining. We discussed numerous problems and learned how to fix them. 

Be sure to check out other articles that we have. Relevant articles are listed below. 

Drive Safe!

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